Adrian Davey

To be a changemaker means to be a scientist who pursues novel studies in their discipline and rigorously situates their research within the broader scope of society and the environment.  How will this work introduce mechanisms, techniques, and critiques whose insights advance my field?  For whom does this endeavor have merit and impact?  How can this work be imagined and scaled within various communities?

Such questions are imperative for the change-making scientist to ponder and address.  As a member of the 26th cohort of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program—founded by Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, III, and Robert Meyerhoff to advance the number of Black scholars who obtain Ph.D.’s and M.D./Ph.D.’s in STEM disciplines—I have immensely benefited from being in conversation and community with scientists for whom these inquiries are invited and centered. 

The SEED Scholars Program, inspired by the Meyerhoff model, seeks to instill Berkeley scientists with curiosity, purpose, and citizenship.  Enriched by leading facilities in global research and responsible conversations engaging social climate, SEED Scholars will be equipped with the tools and frameworks to greatly contribute to their disciplines and beyond.  As a SEED mentor, I will advise (and learn from) SEED Scholars as they navigate their scientific journeys at Berkeley and elsewhere.  Through this sustained engagement, I am exceedingly confident that this program will cultivate cohorts of thoughtful, inquisitive changemakers.


  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (2018)
  • University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (expected 2023)