Roxanne Halili, Administrative Coordinator

"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance" - Verna Myers

Roxanne Halili was born and raised in Mandaluyong, Philippines. She  migrated alongside her family to California at the age of 8. Quickly, she adapted and learned how to navigate to her new environment. Being the only well versed English speaker in her family, Roxanne translated for her single mother and brother for every conversation, including finances, citizenship, health issues and more.

After attending San Francisco State University for three semesters, Roxanne decided to pause her academic journey to support her family. She went on to be a Customer Service Representative, a private Ambulance Dispatcher, a Facilities Coordinator for Google and now an Administrative Coordinator for the SEED Scholars Honors Program. Roxanne throughout her career, strengthened her resume building, interviewing skills, and networking abilities which she plans on using to prepare the scholars in our program for the "real world".

As a First Generation, Roxanne understands the pressure students have with not only meeting their goals but their family's as well. Roxanne hopes to use her own experience in navigating the world alone to assist students academically and personally in areas they don't feel supported in.