SEED Scholars Honors Program Application Process

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Thank you for expressing an interest in the SEED Scholars Honors Program here at UC Berkeley! On this page you will find various information regarding our application process, as well as eligibility requirements for our program. If issues or questions present themselves during the application process, please email our office at, or call us at (510) 642-5777.

How to Apply 

The SEED Scholars Honors Program is open to high school seniors interested in becoming leaders and changemakers in STEM, while simultaneously working to encourage, support, and advance histortically underrrepresented/minoritized populations in STEM fields. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Follow the steps provided to ensure you application is received.

Step 1: Apply for admission to The University of California, Berkeley by November 30. Note that the application and all required materials (application fee, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) are due by that deadline. Visit for more information. We highly recommend that you submit the application and all required application materials by November 30.

Step 2: On the application, check the appropriate box that indicates your interest in a STEM major to be considered for the SEED Scholars Honors Program.

Step 3: Upon admission to Berkeley, if you meet SEED Scholars program prerequisites (check Nominee Status for more information), you may receive an invitation via Berkeley's new student portal to complete a SEED Scholars supplemental application. 

Step 4: When filling out the UC Berkeley application be sure to include any and all leadership and diversity/service involvement on the activity list, including science related clubs/teams (e.g. Robotics club, Girls Who Code, Math club, Chemistry club, etc.) 

Step 5: Include no more than 2 letters of recommendation (LOR) with your application. LORs should be sent to in pdf format. No other format will be accepted.

Nominee Status for Application

To become eligible to apply, applicants must be granted nominee status based upon SEED's pre-application nomination process, which takes place within the admissions system.

Review below for more details on what requirements must be met to make you eligible.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete the University of California application, and submit the application to UC, Berkeley
  2. Complete the FAFSA/CA Dream Act application

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Have a minimum of two community service activities listed on the UC app (be sure to list all diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or accessibility activities you were a part of)
  2. Enrolled in or completed at least one calculus course
  3. Have taken, or is registered to take, at least two AP STEM exams
  4. Average scores of 4 or better on all AP STEM exams taken
  5. Obtained a minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA in high school

Frequently Asked Application Questions

Do I need to submit my SAT/ACT Scores? What if I did not take the test?

SAT and ACT scores are not required for admission or consideration for the SEED Scholars Honors Program. Applicants may submit their scores if they wish to do so, however it will not be held against you if you did not take the tests.

Can I apply to SEED if I am not yet committed to UC Berkeley?

Yes, you can apply to the program even if you have yet to commit to Berkeley. We inform all applicants if they were accepted into the program before the deadline to submit your Statement of Intent to Register.

Can letters of recommendation be submitted after the application closes?

Extensions are not granted to those unable to submits letters of recommendation after the application closes. If you beleive a recommender cannot submit prior to our deadline, it is highly suggested you reach out to another recommender who may be able to submit.

Can I submit the SEED application if I missed the deadline?

Unfortunately, due to pre-determined dates set with the admissions office, we cannot reopen the application link/portal for you to apply to the SEED Scholars Honors Program once the deadline is reached.

Will I know if I have been accepted into the SEED Scholars Honors Program before I need to SIR to UC Berkeley? 

Yes, you will know of your acceptance into SEED before the deadline to submit your intent to attend Berkeley. 

Who can be a recommender?

Recommenders can be high school STEM teachers, counselors, community leaders, researchers, or mentors that you have studied under or worked with during your time in high school.