Ira Young, Director

Ira J. Young, Ed.D, is the Director of the SEED Scholars program. In his previous capacity as the Director of Diversity Programs for the mathematical, physical, and social sciences at UC Berkeley, he designed, implemented, and directed diversity and inclusion initiatives for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars in the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Berkeley. He also served as a consultant to mathematical, physical sciences units, department chairs, and faculty in matters of access, equity, and inclusion. 

Dr. Young is an expert in undergraduate student learning and development with a strong background in maximizing student potential through inclusive and differentiated student development models, relationship-building, and creating professional development opportunities for marginalized populations. His research interests include the disaggregation of data based on ethnicity to better understand student STEM experiences in higher education, and what measures elite institutions can implement to improve a sense of belonging and supporting the achievement of historically underrepresented minorities at their institution.

Dr. Young has a BA in Social Psychology from Dillard University, an M.Ed, in Higher Education Administration from San Jose State University; and an Ed.D, from the University of California, Davis.