Jamie H. D. Cate, Faculty Director

Jamie H. D. Cate, Ph.D., is the Faculty Director of the SEED Scholars Program at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Dr. Cate believes undergraduate students in STEM benefit the most by being involved in cutting-edge research as an integral part of their undergraduate experience. He brings his experience hosting undergraduates in his own laboratory to the SEED Scholars Program, with its focus on research at the frontiers of STEM knowledge.

Dr. Cate has been on the UC Berkeley faculty since 2001, working to understand translation of the genetic code into proteins. This process of converting the 4-letter code of DNA, expressed in messenger RNA, into the 20-letter code of proteins is carried out by a “universal translator” present in all organisms called the ribosome. For more information on his research, see http://catelab.berkeley.edu/.

 Dr. Cate is a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and co-founder of Sugarlogix, Inc.