Our Ethos

The SEED Scholars Honors Program is guided by six pillars grounded in academic excellence, community, research experience, cultural change, and accountability.

Our pillars are:


The essence of who we are as people, character allows us to understand ourselves and others. It is how we live out our values, contribute to society in a positive manner, and guide us towards the realization of who we are and who we want to be. For SEED it helps us to ensure that we, as a program, encourage each other's whole-self and uplift our peers. 


The ability for people to endure despite systemic issues that create adverse conditions for success. Educational resilience refers to the capacity to succeed in school despite exposure to personal and environmental adversities. At SEED this means pushing through problems, putting your best foot forward, and not giving up despite what comes your way. For us, it is recognizing that you have the ability to succeed, knowing how to ask for help and when to give it, acknowledging you have a team behind you should you need help, and an understanding that, though you may stumble, you will make it.


What it looks like to present oneself outwardly in professional settings to others. It is an understanding and acceptance that professionalism looks different for everyone, and a promise that our professionalism does not stop others from being their most full self in a space due to outdated modes of thinking. SEED aims to not perpetuate harmful ideologies on professionalism through unpacking of norms and what it means to show up in spaces. 


Belief that the recognition of strengths in oneself and others can better bring about positive change. It is an understanding that to be a leader means to acknowledge different perspectives, recognize you are not above learning from others, and use inclusivity in your approach to empower people. Leadership looks different to everyone and should not be seen as a hierarchy. 


The human component to STEM. To give back to others, go out into the community with learned skills to teach and help. It is here we uplift the whole, not just the self. However, we must stay mindful of three things:

  1. Service can take place anywhere

  2. To provide service is to exert energy. Be cautious of fatigue and acknowledge when care must be taken for oneself.

  3. What some see as service, others see as free labor. Know your boundaries and stake claim to your worth and work.


The ability to support each other, and aid in the assurance of individual and group successes. The ability to come together as a community, to be representatives of our program, and empower each other. In SEED we speak up for, and raise up others, never put them down.