Our Mission

The SEED Scholars Honors Program’s mission is to cultivate the minds of 21st century STEM students and create a community of scholars at Berkeley focused on the interdisciplinary nature of science. Our program aspires to provide a multidimensional support system given the diversity of students’ life experiences.

Preparing students to enter the world of STEM requires an acknowledgement that the field is ever changing. We focus on growth through actualization, recognizing the unique needs of each student, and their individual wants for success. SEED works with scholars to develop their academic, research, and professional selves as they enter Berkeley, matriculate as an undergraduate, and go forth after graduation.

We aim to support our scholars by promoting a sense of belonging and providing mentoring by peers, graduate students, and faculty. SEED also immerses students in research and instills in them a passion for innovation and academic excellence, challenging notions about underrepresented communities. The goals and successes of SEED have changed scholars’ own thinking about their academic and professional aspirations. These changes have a ripple effect on the perceptions of faculty who interact with SEED scholars and on the perspectives of other UC Berkeley students who learn beside them. Our hope for the scholars is that they become leaders in a multicultural society, educating and inspiring others to reach their full potential. 

Together, we in the SEED Scholars Honors Program aim to change the face of STEM research and industry, making our program a place where the next generation can grow to become their best self.