Our Mission

Committed to cultivating the minds of 21st century STEM students, the SEED Scholars Honors Program is dedicated to providing a holistic co-curricular support system. Our mission is to create a community of scholars at Berkeley focused on the diversity of life experience, and the interdisciplinary nature of science.

Preparing students to enter the world of STEM requires an acknowledgement that the field is everchanging. We focus on growth through actualization, recognizing the unique needs of each student and their individual wants for success. Working towards development of the personal, social, academic, and professional grants scholars the ability to understand who they are upon entering Berkeley, their aspirations and wants for their time as an undergraduate, and how to actualize their goals and potential come graduation. 

To be at the forefront of educating leaders, creating knowledge, and serving a multicultural society requires SEED to center our scholars various lived experiences. Utilizing a social justice framework grounded in an equity-minded approach, we aim to support and inspire historically marginalized undergraduate populations by promoting a sense of belonging among scholars, providing mentoring by peers, graduate students, faculty and industry leaders, and immersing and instilling a passion for research, innovation, and academic achievement. Additionally, the SEED Scholars Honors Program implements social, cultural, health, and wellness values and programming to better affirm and reinforce our mission to a holistic collegiate experience.

Together, we in the SEED Scholars Honors Program aim to change the face of STEM research and industry, making our program a place where the next generation of thinkers and doers can grow to become their best self.